Computer Security System

By Cipto Aryono

Advanced technology make people become more comfortable life now. We live in an era of computers and information technology and there is a very close relationship between information technology and home security. Computers allow us to automate various aspects of business and personal life. Personal computers and other technology systems can also assist in home security activities and to increase the amount of protection that can be made to your home. In addition, a computerized system will save much time because most of the related security tasks will be done automatically.

computer security system

Computer security system is a standard part of the security industry. Previously, each security device, such as burglar alarms, motion detectors or security cameras, will work independently. Then in recent years, the technology allows for homeowners to integrate multiple devices into a home security system center. This is the embryo of computer security system, or a complete system that is controlled by the computer control center.

One of the most popular computer use is associated with security video equipment. Wireless video cameras will transfer the video stream directly to computers. With the right software of digital computers will be able to record properly all the video information sent there or just activate the recording only when the software detects every move (recording begins only when there is a change of the video image).

There are many other benefits of the computer security system. For example, if one camera is damaged, the PC will automatically notify you immediately about this problem. If the wireless connection fails, the computer will reconnect the relationship with the camera and will notify the owner if it did not work. All data is stored in a digital video stream with a more compact form. It becomes very easy to check the recorded video streams. The same benefit can also be made to the audio system connected to the computer. Audio stream, as video streams can also be stored and analyzed by computer. Both audio and video surveillance systems both can be combined in a single system using a PC.

Computer security system can be controlled even further by integrating the system with a home computer wirelessly. Homeowners can check the status of their security systems or even see the surveillance video footage from their own computers. Its also possible to send information to a laptop. Another advantage of computer security systems is that they can give warning to the security company or the police about a state of emergency via the Internet. Homeowners can even check on their homes remotely via the internet or view reports via cell phone.

Good quality software that will make your security system work better. You should look for software from a trusted company in the business for a long time and has gained the trust of customers. This type of software will cost more expensive but will provide a high level of protection standards. Proper software configuration is also very important. If you are not familiar with information technology and security, you should find a professional to install and configure your computer security system. You should look for software that can handle all security needs.