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Home Security System Guide

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CCTV Security

By Cipto Aryono

CCTV security is a system that uses a video camera to display and record images at a particular time and place where the device is attached. CCTV stands for Closed Circuit Television, which means using the signal that are closed and, unlike an ordinary television broadcast signals. CCTV is generally used as complementary security systems and commonly used in various fields such as military, airports, shops, offices and factories. Even in its development, CCTV has been widely used within the scope of private homes.

cctv security

CCTV security consists of the following:


CCTV Camera serves as a means of making pictures. Consisting of several types of cameras that are distinguished in terms of quality, use and function.

Divided into 2 main categories.

The first Camera CCTV Analog cameras of this type is the type most commonly used and easy to obtain because the price is varied (relatively affordable) and easy installation. This camera type often found at various community centers (malls, hotels, restaurants, factories).

The type of camera is divided into several sub-categories based on functionality and technical specification with the following explanation:

– Regular Camera: standard camcorder type

– Dome Camera: have a function similar to a standard camera with a more attractive design and is designed to be placed in the ceiling

– Infra-Red (IR) Camera: type of camera that is equipped with infrared imaging making it possible to monitor in a dark room without light

– Pan Tilt Zoom (PTZ) Camera: type PTZ camera that has a function which allows to be moved into different directions and zoom in the object monitoring

Others Camera CCTV Network is a CCTV camera that uses Internet protocol to transmit the image signal through a fast Ethernet network. The purpose of this camera is similar to the type of analogue, namely as a means of supporting supervision. This camera allows users to see the results of monitoring through the Internet computer or mobile phone.

DVR (Digital Video Recorder)

DVR or many called Digital Video Recorder is a device used by a CCTV camera to record all the images sent by the camera into the device.

Divided into 2 main categories, namely:

– Stand Alone DVR

– PC DVR Card

Many features of the DVR that we can use to supplement safety, one of which is to record all instances where the tape can and often used in court to prove an event or case. There are various types of DVR that can be used with the features and specifications vary. DVR specifications that determine how many cameras can be installed and the resulting picture quality.

Other equipment necessary to support the CCTV Security System including; Hard Disk Drive (HDD) as the recording data storage media. Hard disk is installed in the DVR, the larger capacity hard disk allows you to keep records longer; Coaxial Cable is a cable that delivers the video signals from CCTV cameras to the DVR, or from the DVR to a monitor; Power Cable is required if the CCTV camera cable not included long enough to reach the nearest electrical source. BNC Connector as a connector mounted on coaxial cable.

I hope this article can help you get to know more deeply and CCTV security benefit after reading this article.

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The Best Wireless Security Transmitter

By Cipto Aryono

Home security has developed into a need to secure your family, your home and your property. This is a reality for most of the population and not be able to help only by ignoring the crime. As the innovation of new technologies that are available, so you can vote for the most sophisticated home security. Today are a lot of different options for wireless security home system that can be selected based on different aspects of home security.

wireless security home system

Today, it is important to know where your childs existence. This is not paranoia of parents who are too strict in supervising the children, but kidnapping is common. Wireless security transmitters to calm the parents to be times when a child is out of sight. This transmitter can be used by parents to be able to track what the child and if the child moves outside a preset perimeter, parents will be vigilant.

This means that when a child is hanging around you can find your child before he lost his way, for example in large shopping centers and busy. Transmitter top quality child safety to help you keep track of moving the child and you can find them quickly.

Transmitter for children can also help prevent common accidents at home turned into a tragedy. When a child is playing and moving and suddenly move the transmitter indicates the static or immovable, parents can visit the child if an accident before rising into something serious.

Wireless means no wires no wires that can be cut to defeat the security system so that thieves become more difficult to gain safe access. It is not surprising that perimeter control transmitter and a wireless access has become so popular for the security system.

For example: the warning voices are now available in wireless security home system. Preset message will remind you about various situations and is suitable both for home and small business as a voice message tells you exactly about the kind of situation you are facing. Now you can react quickly and accurately in accordance with the information you get.

There are many options and brands. The final choice of wireless security home system will depend on the specific needs of your home, area to be secured, and the level of security you want.

Today many homes have a wireless home computer network to compete with the demands for use in homes, schools, universities, and for those who work from home. This means that there is a need to secure information on all computers in the network from external threats. This is not just giant companies that can become victims of hackers; they can also steal information from your home network and / or hijack your Internet access.

This is a violation of your privacy and hackers can bring big losses to sensitive information they collect from your wireless LAN system. So the best interest to secure this information and prevent hackers to gain access. Even if hackers do not steal your personal information, they can still use your router to perform unauthorized activities (even evil) without your knowledge. Security software exist that can be added to the wireless network that can be prevent espionage by outsiders.

Wireless technology has opened the possibility of a broad spectrum. Wireless security transmitters come in various shapes and sizes. This means better security for transmitting child who could blend in with clothing. For home security there are varying levels of sophistication and quality that are available in a broad spectrum of wireless security system. It is difficult to demonstrate a particular brand as the best. Ultimately the choice must be in accordance with the requirements that are right for you, and your needs for home security, and measure the amount of your budget.