Hidden Camera

By Cipto Aryono

Hidden Camera is a device used secret cameras to monitor a particular area. They are usually installed at hidden places or cleverly disguised to avoid suspicion. The camera continuously record images in the region have seen, that can be retrieved and viewed on a computer monitor or TV. Altogether it possible to simultaneously recorded as hidden camera videos.

hidden camera

The primary use of hidden cameras is for security field. Almost all department stores, hospitals, banks, airports, casinos, etc. have a security system Hidden Camera. The camera is connected to the monitor in the security cabin, which is always manned. Some cameras can connect to the monitor the same form a network of CCTV. Hidden CCTV cameras are very popular security devices.

For home use, hidden cameras are smaller are also available, which is also known as spy cameras or nanny cams. They installed a secret places in the house so that homeowners can continue to supervise their children while their caregivers are not home.

Previously hidden camera is a great tool that is not easy to hide. But now the camera is very small so it can be disguised as a shirt button. The most important component is the camera lens, so it must be maintained so as not to get a picture of chaos. The lens itself is available in miniature size so that the size of the camera can be very small. The beauty of a hidden camera is that the device can have a clear view without the camera was visible.

Hidden camera also has many other uses. The camera can be installed on the traffic to control traffic. People who ignore the traffic can be captured by looking at them in layers. Even in this way to avoid accidents.

However, the use of hidden cameras also has some very controversial issues. Many people think the hidden camera is a violation of privacy. Although the hidden camera has captured many criminals, but hidden camera treats everyone as a suspect is a controversy. Another controversy is the use of hidden cameras in private places such as hotel bedrooms and toilets, and use drawings for the purpose of pornography over the Internet. The use of hidden cameras is governed by laws and regulations that differ from one State to another State. However, increased use of hidden cameras all over the world as a means of security and crime prevention.